The DS Lite is a dual-screen handheld game console manufactured by Nintendo. The Nintendo DS worked as a perfect redesign for the DS Lite resulting in a slimmer, brighter, and lighter product.

The Launch of the Nintendo DS Lite

With Nintendo being headquartered in Japan, this device was initially released in Japan on the 2 March 2006. The launch of the Nintendo DS Lite in Japan in 2006 saw a successful release three months later in other countries such as Australia, North America, and Europe.

  • Australia – released on the 1 June 2006
  • North America – released on the 11 June 2006
  • Europe – released on the 23 June 2006

Due to an overwhelming demand of the DS Lite in Japan, 2006 and 2007 were tough years as the country couldn’t keep the supply of the new product of the Nintendo DS range in check resulting in a dire shortage of the product for two years.

What the DS Lite has to Offer

The features of the DS Lite include compatibility with the Game Boy Advance and regular DS games, Wi-Fi signal reception from the Nintendo DS range, dual screens, a microphone enabling gamers to communicate with fellow game players, as well as a wide selection of product colors to choose from like cobalt, coral pink, and crimson just to name a few.

From a technical perspective, the Nintendo DS Lite has been largely popularized because of how battery-friendly it is. The DS Lite has four backlight brightness levels. If the brightness level is at its lowest, the DS Lite battery can last from 15 up to 19 hours. If set on its highest brightness level, it can last from anything up to eight hours.

Choosing DS Lite

Naturally, the competition in the game console industry is high especially because you have so many brands to choose from like the Xbox 360 or the PSP. What has made the DS Lite stand out from the rest is the seemingly never-ending list of games to choose from with catchy titles allowing some great gameplay for everyone. It’s worth every penny!